Video surveillance protects against burglary and vandalism, and helps to identify objects in case of emergency. 

Video surveillance

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the field of camera surveillance and video security technology. Before opening our shop, we made a pre-selection for you, which is why it was called: Testing, comparing and evaluating a plethora of surveillance cameras. Now we can offer you a good mix of different surveillance cameras with different features and prices. So there is something for everyone who wants to buy a surveillance camera online. 

In our online shop you will find a wide choice of different surveillance systems that are mainly based on camera technology. For example, if you want to monitor your property or store with a video camera, you will find exactly the model that suits your purpose. Whether wireless camera, surveillance camera with recording, video camera with night vision function - our selected range covers all functions and areas of application of camera surveillance.

Safety and protection for your loved ones

Surveillance systems are also used if you want to ensure the safety of people. Therefore, we also offer baby monitors or cameras to control relatives in need of care. It is also becoming increasingly popular to turn the video camera into a pet camera to watch what dogs and cats do when they are home alone.

Our video cameras are not just a surveillance system

Incidentally, most of our products can not only be used as a surveillance camera, but can also be used for a variety of purposes: as a wildlife photo trap, spy camera, machine or vehicle inspection camera or as a dashcam. The cameras in our online shop are also suitable for many hobbies. So you can find action cams from all price ranges, with which you can take great pictures while mountain biking, skiing, surfing or climbing. Astronomy cameras suitable for telescopes, outdoor cameras for outdoor activities such as golf, hiking or fishing are also available. You want to keep an eye on your holiday home, boat or allotment while you're out and about? That too is possible with many of our cameras and surveillance systems.

Professional applications of surveillance cameras

Monitoring systems can also be used for professional applications. Train your staff or rescuers with the collected video footage, or secure your auto repair shop with camera surveillance. Protect your gas station from petrol or real estate from burglary and vandalism. Pet boarding, dog kennels and stables use surveillance cameras to market themselves.

In our assortment you will find surveillance cameras for outside and inside, which with night vision and wireless cameras that you control via app.

The classic camera app that we recommend for our models is IMOU, which runs on smartphones running the Android and iOs operating systems. In our online shop, there are also classic IP-bound IP cameras. Some models have motion detection or have an audio function with built-in speaker and microphone. There is also the possibility to view monitoring images in live view or in the video stream or to save them on an SD card integrated in the camera. An infrared camera could be interesting if you want to film especially at night.

Many things are possible - we are happy to assist!

As you can see, surveillance systems and video cameras can be used for a variety of purposes. Need help selecting the right video camera? Use our camera selection assistant or the filter function. Our virtual camera consultant will also assist you in choosing your camera. Of course, we are always happy to personally with words and deeds aside. Contact us, we look forward to you!

Observe the legal requirements for camera surveillance

In UK, very strict rules apply when it comes to attach as a private person cameras. Therefore, be sure to film only your private property. Neighboring properties, sidewalks and other public places are absolutely taboo. In case of emergency you could otherwise face a fine because you violate personal rights. Then, if necessary, the video would be useless if you want to convict a burglar. An important measure that you should therefore take in any case: clearly visible affix signs. At the end, they also scare off potential thieves. A detailed explanation and more tips can be found here.

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