Camera support for cctv starters

Here you will find useful tips for installing, setting up and using your video surveillance camera!

To create a surveillance camera with a meaningful and effective tool, some details are necessary as to the installation location, mounting and choosing the right bracket, the settings and the camera and the operation.

Although surveillance cameras are always cheaper, a few rules can be followed to give you long-term enjoyment of the camera and all visible results. A poorly mounted camera, which does not display useful pictures due to incorrect settings or incorrect installation, is wasted money and wasted time.

For this purpose, we have set some guides that help you to choose the right surveillance camera and also during installation and operation:

Selection Wizard: After answering 5 questions, you could come to a pre-selection of the surveillance cameras, the for you in question.

Before You Buy Your Surveillance Camera: A guide that discusses various criteria for perfect video surveillance.

What to look out for when connecting and installing: Here are valuable tips for installing the surveillance camera given to achieve the most efficient result.

Support team under the hotline 02433 - 964 25 80 gladly and free of charge available!

Use our wizard to find the right camera: Selection Wizard