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WiFi cameras

If it is not possible to lay the data cable up for a connection to the camera, the video transmission via WIFI is recommended. These are IP cameras that connect to the Internet router via WIFI. 

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Using the smartphone or a tablet, you can view the images of the wireless camera in real time. WIFI cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is important that the wireless router or access point is not too far away from the camera: 15 meters inside buildings or 30 meters outside are often the maximum distance.


Control your home while on the move with video surveillance via WIFI.


For which purpose are WIFI cameras suitable?

As you can probably see, there is not one ultimate IP wireless camera. The big variety of camera models you will find the right Wi-Fi cam for every purpose. In order to find the right type of construction including the appropriate range of functions, you must know the requirements that you make of your surveillance camera. For example, if the camera is equipped with Wi-Fi outside, it needs protection from wind and rain. On the other hand, you do not need to be protected against vandalism if you only want to observe your pets in the apartment or on the bird feeder when you are out and about.


WIFI cameras are suitable:

-          For monitoring entrance doors and entrance areas 

-          To monitor garages, warehouses and construction sites

-          To monitor business premises

-          For observation of pets and horses

-          For room monitoring of babies


Save recordings of WIFI security cameras

The IP cameras with WIFI from our online shop are easily mounted and configured, have an excellent resolution and are easy to operate. The recording settings vary from model to model.


First, there are cameras that record permanently. This is the case, for example, if you want to observe your pets while you are away. For monitoring of land or houses, it is, however, on the other hand, that the camera surveillance via WIFI only starts when it registers a movement or noise. In addition, there are cameras that work with facial recognition. In this case, recordings are only started when an unknown face is detected. The residents can register themselves beforehand and are excluded from the surveillance.


There are 3 ways of recording video streams:

Ø  Save to SD card in the camera

Ø  Storage on the manufacturer's cloud server

Ø  Save recordings to a local NVR (network video recorder)


The cloud storage has the distinct advantage that it occupies no space on your device, but at the same time the videos are available everywhere at any time. At the same time, the videos in the cloud are also largely theft-protected from the memory card. If the camera is stolen, password-protected access to the cloud is still accessible. Keep in mind, however, that monthly rental costs must be factored into the Internet storage space.


What special features does a good wireless camera have?

As already mentioned, the security cameras with WLAN at Blick-Store are very different in their functionality. Some IP cameras with Wi-Fi have an integrated light unit and an alarm. This means that the camera detects a movement, lights up the light and alarms, and thus scares potential burglars. A notification about the associated app also informs you about the incident in real time so that you can react quickly.


WIFI cameras have the following features, depending on the model:

Ø  integrated infrared LED`s (IR)

Ø  mobile use

Ø  turn and tilt functions

Ø  integrated alarm

Ø  motion detection

Ø  local recording to SD card

Ø  built-in microphone and loudspeaker

Ø  fullHD-resolution or higher

Ø  fix or variable angle of view


In order to find the most suitable camera with WiFi for your purposes, we recommend that you use our online shop filters. Choose whether you want to use the IP WiFi camera inside or outside, which lens you need and in which preferred price range you want to search. With just a few clicks you can get to your ideal Wi-Fi cam.

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