Keep your dog in view: With a dog camera

You are wondering if your pet is showing stress reactions or peacefully sleeping in the basket when you are out of the house all day? A dog camera allows you to monitor your dog or cat's video. Especially with dogs and cats, being alone can be problematic because they bother the neighbors either by barking or scratching your furniture due to stress.

Tips for your purchase

There are many dog cameras on the market. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before opting for an indoor surveillance camera:

- Make sure that the pet camera has both a microphone and a speaker
- The camera should have a live stream to your smartphone - important!
- Pay attention to an infrared function, this also allows visibility in the dark
- The dog camera should have a good image resolution, at least HD
- In addition, the surveillance camera should have motion detection 

Pet cameras

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Functions and use of a dog camera

A dog camera is used for security and can be easily installed. With a dog camera, the live images on your smartphone can be displayed via an app. The built-in speaker and microphone (audio function) allow interaction with your dog or cat. On the one hand, you can talk to your pet and on the other hand you can hear the sounds of your pet, such as when your dog barks. The motion detector will let you know as soon as your pet is in an unauthorized area. In addition to the safety aspect for your pet, a dog camera also ensures that you can relax and calm down your pet.

Buy dog cameras in our online store

In our shop you have a large selection of high-quality dog cameras in different designs and price ranges. Among other things, we have the surveillance camera in HD, WLAN camera, which works for example via your own WLAN and sends you a push message on the mobile phone due to the motion detection. The 3 MP mini camera is suitable for all indoor applications and has motion detection and audio function. In addition, this dog camera can be conveniently controlled via app and also allows you a bright image transfer thanks to built-in infrared LEDs. In our assortment you will also find a panning camera with an excellent image quality.

Surveillance Cameras: Large product line

At Blick-Store, you'll find a wide range of surveillance systems, such as indoor and outdoor IP cameras and 3G LTE security cameras, powered by standard SIM cards. Our baby monitor cameras as well as baby monitors for elderly people help you to take care of the little ones as well as those in need of care. All products in our comprehensive product range come from well-known manufacturers and have already proven themselves in practice.

Do you have questions about our surveillance cameras? Our support team is looking forward to your questions and will be happy to help and advise you!

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