It is a reassuring feeling for single elderly and disabled people to know that their relatives can always check the baby monitor to see if everything is alright.

But also to stay in touch with the outside world.

Most WiFi cameras are equipped with an audio function and built-in speaker / microphone, so the camera also works as an intercom system.  

CCTV cameras for elderly people

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Baby monitor with camera not only for babies

The term "video baby monitor" refers to the camera in the nursery, that sends the video signal to a separate monitor, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the nursery. Unfortunately, these systems are not suitable for bridging longer distances such as the separate home of the single mother.

Network-connected cameras, also called IP cameras or WLAN cameras, come into question here. Thus, the video streams password-protected and encrypted be retrieved from anywhere. This type of surveillance cameras has been established for many years and works smoothly.


Security for family members and privacy

It is a reassuring feeling when single people are not "alone" but always have the opportunity to attract attention in an emergency. However, this should, in the case of the camera used, not cause the seniors to not feel well - who agrees to a surveillance camera in his apartment?

The only way leads through the conversation, which advantages a video camera has and how the privacy is maintained:

- Motion detection: It can be agreed that the camera secures an unimportant area in the apartment, and that in case of emergency there is a possibility in front of the camera
   triggering motion detection so that the loved ones are notified on the Smartphone.

- Visual contact: This is often better than just hearing a familiar voice. The connection from camera to mobile phone is made just as fast as with a telephone.

- It must be clear and obvious what the camera "sees" and when it sees something. The ability to turn the camera off or disconnect from the power should be possible at
  all times. As soon as voltage is applied to the camera, it is back in operation within 1 minute.

- It must be clear to everyone from the outset who has access to the camera and who receives the alarms.

Finally, a few weeks are necessary to experience the benefits yourself and to use the possibility of the camera.


Small, handy and reliable - baby monitors with video

The babyphone market is still strong and still showing stable growth. Accordingly versatile and colorful are the offers. If you look for video baby monitors, systems with a camera and a separate monitor are displayed. However, these systems are only intended for applications in which the rooms are located within the apartment, depending on the price range and with a slightly greater distance. These systems are not suitable as baby monitors for seniors, the radio technology for those application does not allow long ranges.

We focused on the video systems that send the video over networks. Good alternatives are WLAN cameras that can be used flexibly at almost any place in the home. This makes it easy to find the right position for the camera. Once connected to the network via Wi-Fi, the camera can be tried in different places.

There are plenty of features to choose from: Bidirectional audio to allow communication in both directions. Motion detection, which, once triggered, sends a push message to the smartphone. Swiveling video cameras with built-in zoom lens. Meanwhile standard are the built-in IR LEDs, which work in the infrared range and which are invisible for the human eye except for a red glow. It is daylight for the camera and the sensor.


Don`t be afraid of connecting and running the camera

Setting up the video babyphone for seniors is usually very easy. Thanks to the P2P technology, the video camera is integrated in a few minutes. The video data can be integrated easily and without additional contracts as an app in the smartphone, so that the live video can be retrieved at any time and from anywhere. Whether smartphone or tablet, the video is there in seconds.

In addition, the video baby monitor is set up once and no longer needs to be rebuilt or adapted. The position of the camera is set locally. Depending on the size of the apartment, it may be advantageous to work with more than one camera to secure multiple jobs.


It is ultimately important that the resident is satisfied with the installation of the camera and does not feel uncomfortable.

On the one hand, it helps to discuss in advance who may have access to the video baby monitor. It would certainly be easier to convince him of the necessity if only a specific person has access to the camera. Furthermore, the position of the camera must be discussed. Areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms should not be considered, at most the entrance areas, without the room to monitor.

The project should always focus on the purpose of a camera; how then the execution takes place is very individual.

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