An endoscope camera, also called inspection camera, is mainly known from the medical field. This is a mini camera equipped with LEDs, which is used best in small holes. Not only for craftsmen or medical professionals, the use of an endoscope camera is practical and now indispensable, but also in the home, this can be extremely useful. 

Inspection cameras

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Where are endoscope cameras used?

In addition to the use of endoscope cameras in medicine, they are now used in many other fields, such as in the craft or in industry. These cameras provide insights into hard-to-reach areas, such as piping or manholes. The inspection camera then transmits the image on an integrated or external monitor. In the household, an endoscope camera can quickly locate, for example, clogged pipes and pipes. Due to the small dimensions, the endoscope cameras can also be used for hidden video surveillance.

Types of endoscope cameras

Endoscope cameras are available in different designs and dimensions. Thus, an endoscope camera with direct and indirect image reproduction is available, i. without a separate screen. An endoscope camera with indirect image reproduction has a long tube which is connected to a computer, laptop or smartphone and finally the image transmission takes place. A small endoscope camera with a length of approx. 4 millimeters is particularly suitable for small cavities and piping systems. Here, a distinction is made between a rigid and flexible endoscope camera, the rigid are used less and less.

Pay attention before you buy:

Before buying an endoscope camera, you should consider what purpose it should serve. Are you a craftsman, a physician or just an endoscope camera for your hobby? When examining pipes or hollow bodies, consider the length and diameter of the hose. You should also make sure that the endoscope is equipped with a waterproof camera. Thus, the transfer of images from wet or damp areas is also possible. In summary, you should pay attention to the following points:

• Length and diameter of the hose
• Focus range of the camera
• Water resistance

For every purpose and application we offer the suitable endoscope camera. In addition to endoscope cameras with built-in monitor in various sizes, we also carry endoscope cameras with indirect image reproduction for the smartphone.

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