Endoscope camera

Endoscope Cameras - a useful tool for checking and checking vehicles, machines and buildings with inaccessible areas!

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The endoscope cameras, also called inspection cameras, consist of a flexible hose with a diameter of only a few millimeters and an integrated video camera, which can be easily slid into cavities such as gearbox bells, sewage pipes and false ceilings.

To support the front of the video camera are additional LED`s that illuminate the cavity and thus provides a better view of the objects.

Since the inspection cameras have only fixed focal lengths, it is very important to test the focus area before buying an endoscope camera. Most endoscope cameras leave little room here, usually limited to a few millimeters.

Our inspection cameras have a focal range of 3cm to 30cm and are equipped with a built-in monitor, depending on the model.

There are a variety of applications for the inspection camera:

- Maintenance and overhaul of gearboxes and motors

- Cavity investigation in classic cars

- Inspection of cavities in false ceilings

- Examination of sewage pipes or siphons

- Maintenance of air conditions