Brackets for CCTV video surveillance cameras

In addition to the actual camera, a video surveillance system also includes important components that are necessary for reliable operation over many years.

Here, above all, the holders of the cameras are very important, which must be designed for outdoor use solid, torsionally rigid and weatherproof. Further down on this page you will find important installation tips.

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If you want to enjoy your video surveillance system for many years, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Electronic components such as recording devices, transmission units and infrared radiators are of course important, but can be supplemented or replaced at any time. The mount, however, carries the camera for many years, weatherproof, not susceptible to rust, and stable enough so that the camera does not wobble in strong winds.

Depending on the installation location, a suitable bracket must also be selected. There are a variety of possibilities: house wall-, house corner-, pole-, ceiling-, recessed ceiling- and room corner bracket.

In our shop you will find a suitable bracket for each installation location.

For many cameras, we now offer so-called junction boxes, which are integrated between the camera and the bracket, and all the cables (voltage, network cable) record, so that from the outside no connections can be seen: Cables do not age so fast, if they are not directly exposed to wind and weather. The more important reason for the use of an Anschaltbox is the prevention of sabotage or vandalism, as often in burglaries, the supply cables are cut.

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