Smarthome technology and Smart Home cameras help older and elderly people stay safe and longer in their own homes.

Smart home technology describes the technical process of networking electrical and electronic equipment in homes and apartments to control all equipment from a central point.  

Smarthome systems

Which devices can be controlled with Smart Home?

In addition to light sources, heaters, blinds and kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and stoves, there are safety-relevant facilities such as alarm systems, access control systems and components of a video surveillance system such as smart home cameras, which can be controlled both locally and via apps for the smartphone and tablet.

A very interesting application of smart home is the networked video door phone or Wi-Fi doorphone with camera, which indicates to the owner in his absence who is ringing at the door. The postman who can be told where he can drop off the package or the children who have forgotten the key, so that the door is opened via the smartphone.

Smart home for security

Safety-related devices include alarm systems with connected sensors such as motion sensors, window and door contacts, water sensors and smoke detectors.

Likewise, access control systems or surveillance cameras can be combined as smart home cameras with an alarm system.

There are a variety of smart home systems designed for use with various sensors (home automation combined with safety components). There are no limits to the possibilities here.

Smart home for depending people

The desire to live alone in old age is always associated with great concerns of relatives who worry about the health of their parents or grandparents. What happens in an emergency? How to inform if something happens?

Emergency call

In principle, smart home systems for seniors should have an emergency call which the person always carries with them to call in case of emergency. The devices, no bigger than a car remote, are connected to the network and immediately send an alert to pre-determined phones. So you will be informed within seconds about the distress call.

Sensors in the household

There are several sensors that send an alarm over the home network to the selected phones. These include gas detectors, smoke detectors, water sensors in floods or carbon monoxide detectors in garages.

Smart Home Cameras

A very helpful, but also very controversial device is the surveillance camera. It can be used in addition to the video transmission and a bi-directional audio communication.

Prior to purchasing a camera, privacy issues should be discussed in depth to determine the location of the camera, the possibility of shutdown, and those eligible for mobile phone coverage. When this has been discussed to the satisfaction of the single person, the added value of such a facility can have many positive effects.

The Smart Home Camera is the connection to the outside world. The live video of trusted people, and conversations that can be conducted without using the phone. There is the assurance of being in touch with loved ones whenever desired.

In addition to smart home systems, we also offer individual smart home cameras. A selection can be found in our category Babyphone for elderly people. Here you will also find tips for positioning cameras in apartments, taking into account the privacy.

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