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Babyphone cameras

The safe wire to your baby: Find the right video baby monitor here!

These devices allow you to control even when you are away from the house and thus in your own W-LAN. You can access the camera from any location at any time, on different products you will also be notified with a push message on your mobile phone when something is moving or when there is a sound. So you can respond quickly in an emergency, if help is needed.

The P2P technology allows easy and quick installation of the camera and also the associated app on your phone, which is usually free of charge.

The live image can be displayed on more than one smartphone. Several people have the opportunity to view the video and take care of the child's wellbeing.  

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Low-radiation baby monitors with camera: for the safety of your child

Video baby monitors, also commonly called baby monitors with camera, give you a quiet feeling when it comes to the health and well-being of your child. You can use the device regularly to make sure that everything is alright in the nursery without being in the same room: Does my child breathe regularly? Is it sleeping well? Or is it crying, and needs me now? Especially inexperienced parents with newborn infants are initially very worried about doing something wrong.

With many everyday tasks, however, it is often not possible to sit at any time on the child's crib to check whether he is well.

Baby monitors with cameras not only provide for the health and safety of the baby, but also contribute to the fact that mom and dad calmed master their everyday life or even enjoy time for two.

How does a video baby monitor work?

Baby monitors with video consist of the actual video camera, also referred to as a security camera, which is placed in the baby's room and a free app. This also allows you to control when you are away from the house and not in the area of ??your own Wi-Fi. The P2P technology, which is now widely used, sends you a message on your smartphone when you move and make noise in the nursery. This allows you to react quickly in an emergency, if your baby needs help.

Which babyphone should I buy?

Which baby monitor is right for you, you can find out in our online shop: We provide clear product descriptions with important information on crucial purchase criteria, such as the range or the quality of the transfer. So you can compare our video baby monitors and find the ideal device for you. All our devices are low-radiation and therefore not harmful to your child.

We are happy to assist you with our proposal for a better safety! Try our competence and call us: +49 / 2433 / 964 25 80. See our product line for your babyphone with video!

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