trail cameras (photo trap)

The wildlife camera, also called photo trap, was originally used primarily to assist in the hunt:

How big is the population of the animals? When and where can the wild animals be found? For this purpose, the wildlife observation cameras are attached to a trail, a kirrung or a berth.

These special cameras are designed to work inconspicuously, trigger at the right moment and withstand wind and weather. Most of the cameras are in camouflage colors and patterns, some models even have an invisible flash.

They are also very suitable for night photography, because they record their surroundings, even in the dark, thanks to the Black LED. Then the camera usually goes over to take black and white pictures. Wildlife surveillance cameras are battery powered, so they do not need an external power supply.

The cameras document the date and time she took pictures, so you know exactly when the animal was at the observation point.

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