CCTV is our passion!

We are a team of camera specialists with over 25 years of video surveillance experience. An important part of our work is the design of video systems for airports, railway stations, car parks, banks and industrial plants.

We have now expanded our core business with the surveillance camera, which is used in the private and semi-professional sector. They serve, for example, security and surveillance. Secure your house and property wirth CCTV. Our range also includes cameras that you can use to observe and document animal and nature. Another focus is the use of cameras for a variety of hobbies such as outdoor, winter and water sports, model making or garden, pond and fish, just to name a few.

Good advice is important to us!

We put a lot of emphasis on good advice so you can find exactly the camera that fits your needs. Our goal is therefore to answer your questions about surveillance cameras easily and quickly. We provide you with cameras that are carefully selected for each area and that give you the best possible result. Our virtual selection wizard will help you to find the right camera.

With our "Camera Consultant" you also get helpful hints for the right surveillance camera: How do I choose the best installation location? Which is the right angle, and where can I find the right lighting conditions for my pictures?

We are available for you by telephone:

Technical support 02433 / 964 25 81 Monday to Friday from 08:30 - 12:30

Purchase advice and sales 02433 / 964 25 80 Monday to Friday from 13:00 - 17:00

Of course you are also welcome to contact us personally: Our service team is well trained and looking forward to your call!