The use of video cameras around vehicles of all kinds help with repairs and revisions and facilitate the maneuvering and parking of vehicles such as vans, trucks and motorhomes. 

Vehicle cameras

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Rear view cameras and monitors as a set

We offer the complete packages of our reversing systems as wired or as radio equipment. Crucial for this is the length of the vehicle. With a vehicle length of over 15 meters, a wired solution should be used because the radio signal could be disturbed by vehicle parts.

Trucks and semitrailers should always work with reversing systems with cable.

For horse trailers, vans and motorhomes, the reversing systems with radio are very well suited.

Other applications are ships that use the reversing cameras as a landing aid. Here we have realized distances of up to 40 meters over the radio.

The transmitted video is displayed on a monitor which is installed in the cab. There are different screen sizes (screen diagonal) between 11cm and 20cm, but you should not use monitors that are too big, if they affect the view.

A very interesting variant of the reversing camera is the LTE camera for mobile communications. The reversing camera as an LTE camera in small design has an LTE router built in, which transmits the live video over the mobile network. This is intended for cash transports or high value goods transporters. The head office can track at any time, if everything is alright.

Further information can be found in our category rear view cameras.

Inspection cameras for motor vehicle workshops

These universally applicable gooseneck video cameras are ideal for inspecting cavities on vehicles or for overhauling machine parts.

In the automotive industry, this endoscope camera is very much used for the assessment of rust damage in classic cars. It is also about the testing of gearboxes or motors, since the only 8mm wide camera head can be inserted into the smallest case.

Another application finds the inspection camera in the investigation of heating and air conditioning systems or in appraisals of real estate and testing of moisture in false ceilings or walls.

A selection of inspection cameras can be found in our category endoscope cameras.

RC model cameras

A video camera onboard of your RC airplane, ship or car makes this hobby extremely exciting. With a very low weight and a low power consumption it can be built into almost any RC vehicle. especially airplanes are very sensitive, if it comes to weight and space, but our selection of RC model cameras are developed to the needs of this hobby. Apart from the cameras we are offering sets, that includes the monitor, for an integration into the controller console. Please see our RC model cameras selection at our category

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