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Rear view cameras

Free rear view and safe parking with a rear view camera set for mobilhomes

The rear view camera gives you extra security when parking or maneuvering your vehicle, whether caravan, motorhome or trailer. Even with very large vehicles such as vans, trucks or semi-trailers, the rear view camera helps and avoids expensive damages!

What is a rear view camera?

The maneuvering of large vehicles such as camper vans, vans, trucks or trailers is always associated with the problem that the rear view is limited by the vehicle. A second person is often required, especially when it comes to tight parking bays or small parking areas.
Here, as with all other maneuvers, of course, the exercise and the regular moving of the vehicles helps. But it's easier, clearer and safer with a rear view camera.

This is actually a surveillance camera in a small design, with IR LED for night vision, also robust and splash-proof. It is either supplied with the delivery of the new vehicle or can be retrofitted later. 

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What are the differences between rear view camera systems?

Here you choose between the wired and the wireless version: Wired means that the rear view camera is connected to the monitor in the cab via a data cable. With the wireless rear view camera systems, you save the cable laying, as the video signals are transmitted by radio.
We recommend the wired systems, if the distance between towing vehicle and trailer is too large (> 15 meters) or air conditioners in vans could interfere with the radio signal. When used on ships, the wired solution should be used if the distance between the monitor and rear view camera is> 20 meters.
All other applications can be implemented with wireless rear view cameras, ie camera systems with radio.
If the camera's live videos should also be available via mobile phone networks (monitoring of goods or cash transporters), the 3G / LTE camera with compact dimensions is ideal.

Can I also combine the rear view camera system with different monitors and cameras?

It is advisable to use a set as the camera and the rear view monitor are coordinated. Most wired systems are compatible because they work with a standardized video signal (CVBS). Nevertheless, it would be safer to use a system.
For rear view systems with radio, the set is to be preferred over individual components.

What should be considered when installing the rear view camera system?

No matter if it is a radio reversing camera or a wired camera - both require a power supply.
With the radio rear view camera look for a voltage source directly in the proximity. Here is the bumper and a permanent plus. In the wired system, there are system cables that are routed from the monitor to the vehicle's rear or trailer, and also provide the power supply for the rear view camera.
For the monitor in the cab, the power supply is easier: At the fuse distribution or directly on the cigarette lighter.
There are no expert knowledge required for the assembly, but a little knowledge of the electrical system helps.

Which vehicles are suitable for a rear view system?

Most of our customers are camper owners or horse owners with horse trailers, but there are also any type of vans and delivery vehicles to call that are often in major cities where there is little space for maneuvering.
We are increasingly seeing application for boats and ferries that are very difficult because of their size and that usually require an additional person to be briefed on arrival and departure. More than 1 camera is often used here.

If you have any questions about the operation or installation of the rear view camera and monitor, just send us an inquiry with our contact form or call us Monday through Friday from 10:00 - 16:00. We look forward to your call!

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