Rear view cameras for mobilhomes, boats, trailers and trucks

Reversing cameras ideal for use on campers, trucks, horse trailers and on boats and ferries!

The reversing camera gives you extra security when parking or maneuvering your vehicle, whether caravan, motorhome or trailer. Even with very large vehicles such as vans, trucks or semi-trailers helps the rear view camera and avoids damages.

We are increasingly seeing the appication of boats and ferries that are very difficult to handle because of their size, and it usually requires an extra person to be briefed on arrival and departure.

The installation of reversing cameras is usually very simple, since the surveillance camera has a direct connection to the monitor and is either connected to a system cable or operated with a WLAN connection.

 Most reversing camera sets have monitors with up to 4 camera inputs, so that the system is also easily expandable.

If the camera's live videos are also available via mobile phone networks (monitoring of goods or cash transporters), the 3G / LTE camera with compact dimensions is ideal.

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