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Our team consists of specialists who have been working in video security technology for more than 25 years and who are engaged in the design of large-scale systems of up to 3,000 cameras, but also in semi-professional and smaller systems.

For the last 15 years, we've focused on the IP camera technology, cameras that do not work in a closed system, but work in networks based on their network protocol. The transmission over coaxial cable, as the video security technology knows since the end of the 80s, we have not included. We also do not carry the transition technologies like HD-CVI in our program.

Due to the increasing interest in home users, we have focused more and more on the individual consultation for the surveillance camera of small residential and semi-professional applications such as retail, warehouse security and site supervision.The systems and the components of the video surveillance for private applications and for commercial applications do not differ in the quality of the systems, but only in the specification of the equipment, as in the commercial sector, other characteristics of the cameras and recorders are used.

In the commercial sector, for example, almost exclusively an NVR recorder is used, recording all videos from the connected cameras, usually 24 hours a day. In private applications, the live videos are transmitted to the smartphone, in some cases the videos are also recorded on the SD card installed in the camera.

The so-called PTZ camera, which is a surveillance camera that is electrically rotatable and pivotable and also has zoom lenses, is rarely used in private installations. This type of camera requires active surveillance, with the PTZ camera controlled according to need and danger.

Unfortunately, there is no off-the-shelf video surveillance, so we aim to help you come up with the best possible solution. These include the local conditions and your wishes and ideas. Ideally, they describe your requirements for the surveillance system and the conditions such as the size of the property / warehouse. We ask specific questions and can then present you with the best possible solution based on the description.

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