LTE cameras and the topic of mobile communication

Tips und tricks for our 4G LTE cameras - cameras with SIM card


How do I find the right mobile phone provider?

LTE 4G cameras, i.e. cameras with a SIM card for the mobile network, do not require WLAN networks or access to a fixed network, but they do rely on a mobile network.

To operate the 4G LTE camera, you need a data card in nano SIM card format from a mobile phone provider such as Telekom, Vodafone or O2. These cards can also be obtained from partners of these 3 providers such as Klarmobil, Mobilcom Debitel, Congstar, Otelo and others.

Here, the so-called prepaid cards or standard cards with contract periods are available.

The first thing to do is to find out which mobile phone provider offers the best reception.

This can be checked very easily with your mobile phone by reading the field strength on the display of your mobile phone at the intended installation location. If a bar is available in the 4G / LTE network, this is already sufficient for the operation of the 4G LTE camera. (The reception power of the camera is much higher, so the reception of the LTE camera will be sufficient).

If you do not get any reception with your mobile phone, you should check the reception possibilities of the other mobile phone providers.

The website provides a list of all available transmission masts of the respective providers:


1. Call up the page (Google Chrome offers the best display).

Suche nach dem besten Mobilfunkanbieter



2. Enter the address of the planned camera site in the lower left-hand area in "Location search": street, house number, city

Übersicht aller Sendemasten für den LTE 4G Empfang


3. Confirm the address with "Enter"

Eingabe der Adresse für die Suche des LTE 4G Sendemastes


4. You will now see the map with the location of the transmission poles. (If the map section is too small, please zoom out with the scroll wheel of the mouse).

Alle Sendemasten der Mobilfunkanbieter


Now select the respective provider on the upper left side. As this is a map for the worldwide search of transmission masts, you may have to scroll down in the pull-down menu until you find "Germany". (Any other country please select)

Wie finde ich den besten Mobilfunkanbieter für meine Region


6. Now select the mobile phone provider: Vodafone, Telekom, O2


7. You will now see the masts of the respective provider in your area.

Alle Sendemasten für den 4G LTE Empfang



What SIM cards are suitable for use in the 4G cameras?



We are only aware of the following SIM cards, which do not work in Germany or in Europe:

1. V-SIM Vodafone Smart SIM

2. o2 Multicard Multi SIM

We are not aware of any other cards that cause problems, also due to feedback from our customers.