Video surveillance for your business protects you from theft and vandalism!

With a professional video surveillance you reduce the theft and secure your property. All information on an effective surveillance system can be found at the bottom of this page.  

CCTV for business

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There are many ways to protect your stores, offices, warehouses and premises from theft and vandalism, and every opportunity has its advantages and disadvantages. Which solutions are suitable for you, read here.

Mechanical or electronic security technology

With mechanical security technology, more than 90% of all burglaries can be prevented. These include burglary protection for windows, shutters, front doors, roller shutters and cellar shafts. There is a very interesting page with guidebooks for the right backup.

With mechanical safety, they prevent the entry of unauthorized persons. There is no 100% protection, but the risk can be significantly reduced with the help of mechanical safety.

Since the mechanical safety devices are not visible to the burglar, there is of course the danger that he gets access to the premises.This is where the combination of mechanical and electronic security helps. Alarm systems, access control systems, retail security and video surveillance are among the electronic options.

The extent to which these components are used, of course, depends on the budget. Surveillance Camera Security The use of security cameras should be considered preventative as the presence of video surveillance deters. This applies to external security as well as installation inside buildings or shops.

Video surveillance in shops

The protection against theft of goods is priority. Entrances and exits, the cash register area (legal regulations and consideration of personal rights of the employee and needs of the employer) and the sales area are to be secured. For more information, see the Retail security category.

Video surveillance on construction sites

The video surveillance can represent the greatest benefit, since the burglary-resistant protection of construction sites can only be realized at a high cost.

Material and gasoline theft, but also vandalism lead to high damage, which can be contained with surveillance cameras.

Important for the construction site monitoring is the immediate alarm via a motion detection of the camera, so that appropriate measures can be taken immediately.

Since there is very rarely a network connection on construction sites, cctv cameras with SIM card, so-called LTE 3G cameras with mobile radio, which transmit the live videos over the mobile network, are recommended. Here only one power supply is necessary. These cameras also alert when a motion is detected, a push message is sent to a smartphone.

Further information can be found on our construction site security page.

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