If neither Wi-Fi nor an Internet connection is available, the 4G LTE security camera with SIM card is just right!

Important questions about data consumption and operation of the 4G LTE CCTV camera

With a phone, SIM or prepaid card, you can use the camera anywhere in the world. It sends images in case of alarm or schedule-dependent by e-mail or push message on the phone.

Please see our comparison chart for all 4G 3G cameras.

Live access to the current video image is possible at any time. In addition, the images / videos and the alarm images are stored depending on the setting on the built-in SD card, which can also be accessed via the phone. 

4G cameras

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A video surveillance by means of camera and LAN / WLAN and the connection of the video data of the camera for the Internet can be realized in most cases easily and effortlessly with the domestic router.

4G LTE camera with SIM card AP-P1064 day and night

The surveillance camera is either connected directly to the router by means of a network cable (here the POE camera is an exception, after which a so-called POE switch is needed, which supplies the camera with power through the network cable) or it becomes the WLAN of the router used so that the video signals are wirelessly transmitted to the router via wireless LAN.

As a rule, these connections to the Internet are available. Even if the WLAN range of the domestic router is not sufficient (outbuildings, thick walls, several floors between WLAN camera and router), so-called repeaters are used, which can amplify the WLAN signal and realize greater distances.

But there are many places where there is no internet access or where cable routing or WiFi is not possible:

1. Stable monitoring

     This is by far the most popular application! The monitoring and control of horses is interesting for several reasons:
     Birth Control, Animal Health, Care Review, Advertisement for Adjusters, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Theft


2. Pastures

     Here large areas can be secured with only one camera, which is very suitable for herds of sheep or horses in the paddock.


3. Construction sites

    The theft of building materials and construction machinery is usually associated with very expensive damage, but also the petrol theft has increased in recent years, extremely.
    In addition to the safety aspect, the documentation of the construction progress is a common application of 3G LTE surveillance cameras.

    All cameras with SIM card offered in our shop offer the possibility of uploading a previously set number of pictures to an FTP server with which a smaller number of pictures can be uploaded to an FTP server
    5 minutes to create a film and so a time-lapse recording for example, 1 year results.


4. Barns

     Especially storage facilities for classic cars offer a welcome destination for car thieves.


5. Holiday residences abroad

    Surveillance of holiday objects with a security camera with SIM card is a very effective option due to the widespread prepaid cards.
    Since the P2P technology, the video streams are retrievable from anywhere, the removal of the object no longer matters.


6. Monitoring of freight and money transports

We offer LTE 3G cameras in small design, which are no bigger than rear view cameras, with built-in IR LED for night vision.


7. What do the "Normal", "Color" and "Auto" settings in the CamHi APP mean?

The "Normal" setting means that the camera operates in color mode during the day and switches to IR infrared mode at dusk.

The "Color" setting shows color mode in both daytime and nighttime operation, so the camera will not switch to IR Infrared mode at dusk.

The setting "Auto" is suitable for cameras, which besides IR infrared LED also have white light LED installed. The white light turns on when motion is detected at night. This mode is used to deter possible burglars that have been detected by the camera.


What do I need for the use of a security camera with SIM card?

Unlike most cameras offered on the network, our cameras have the LTE / 3G module built in. This eliminates the complicated configuration of a router!

The documentation listed under our product descriptions are very detailed and help you to insert and set the SIM card into the camera. Furthermore, there is software for smartphones, tablets, and also for the PC, we offer user software to view the video data on the PC.

Of course, a SIM card is necessary to connect to the Internet over the mobile network. Most users work with relatively small data packets:

With 1GB of data volume per month, I have about 5 minutes of live image per day. This is usually enough to see if everything is right or to have an alarm sent to the smartphone when there is a movement in front of the camera.

The cost of a prepaid card for 1GB is about 5 € - 7 € per month. 3GB per month costs 10 €.

If you are not sure which surveillance camera with SIM card might be suitable for you, call us on +49 2433 964 25 80: We We are happy to assist you from Mondays to Fridays between 10:00 and 17:00 and discuss the purpose and conditions with you to find the right camera.

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