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Building site cameras

Building site surveillance is indispensable in many places in view of the increasing thefts.  

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In addition to building materials such as wood or copper, equipment and tools are also stolen up to entire construction machinery. With video surveillance of the construction site, you have a preventive tool, an evidence and effective monitoring.

In addition to surveillance by a security company, the construction site webcam provides reliable support for builders and site managers to be informed at any time day or night about the operations on the site. Blick-Store's site cameras are ideal for outdoor use and offer real-time optical zoom, time-lapse and wireless transmission.

Use surveillance cameras to protect you from theft and vandalism!

How does the construction site monitoring via cctv camera work?

Unlike the surveillance cameras in the past, whose recordings had to be cumbersome to tape, modern surveillance cameras are much smarter. The IP cameras in our Blick-Store online shop are very well suited to outdoor use and the associated challenges of a construction site.


Thanks to its compact and very solid housing, the construction site camera can be easily mounted on walls, containers or even masts. Due to the 3G / LTE connection, many of our construction sites do not even rely on a network cable. With Motion Detection and Alerting sensors when you hear a change, Full HD quality and night vision feature lets you see if it's a thief, an employee, or a stray animal.


What are the characteristics of a good construction site camera?

Cameras for the construction site are available in various designs in the shop. In this way, we ensure that every project manager or site supervisor finds the right surveillance camera for his needs.


For the best choice a good construction site camera ...

Ø has either wired or wireless transmission via WLAN or 3G / LTE

Ø is always accessible with remote access (live view mode)

Ø has a full HD optical zoom

Ø is equipped with motion sensors

Ø makes well recognizable shots even at night

Ø is static or swiveling

Ø can take pictures in time-lapse

Ø is well equipped for outdoor use


Plan intelligent site monitoring

Before you buy a construction site camera, there are some basic requirements to clarify. So before tackling the construction site monitoring project, answer the following questions:

Ø Where should the camera be mounted?

Ø How is the camera powered?

Ø Are the size, position and distance to the construction site sufficient for image quality?

Ø At which intervals should the camera take pictures?

Ø In which periods should the construction sites monitor the camera?

Ø How should the data obtained be provided at the end? Via cloud, FTP server or SD card?

Ø What legal peculiarities have to be taken into account during construction site video surveillance?


When answering these questions, you will quickly become aware of which product properties are absolutely necessary for you. With this knowledge you can filter the articles in the shop exactly. This will give you the right camera model with just a few clicks.


Use camera for construction site documentation

Of course, the construction site cam does not just have to be used if you want to protect the system from theft or vandalism. Just as often cameras are used for site documentation. In this way, architects, project managers or clients themselves can quickly see how far the work has progressed. That saves time and money. Of course, our construction sites cameras are also ideally suited for this purpose.

Another very interesting and effective video documentation is the construction progress. A number X of images are uploaded to an FTP server per day, which then, when cut together as a video clip, produce a short film in fast motion. This can be very nice Videos estellen, which then serve the developer as a reference or the client as a beautiful memory.

With our surveillance cameras such time lapse recordings can be realized.


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