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Fixed IP cameras

IP cameras are integrated into the home network via WLAN or network cable - Buy your IP cameras at Blickstore !

In this way, the video stream as a digital signal via the PC or the app can be tracked live. So you have in real time always in view, what is happening in your house or on your property right now. 

If even unwanted intruders gain access, you will be informed immediately by alarm depending on the network camera model.

In our online shop for IP cameras you receive, depending on the purpose, both cameras with a fixed view and a swivel camera head.

With our models, the video surveillance via IP camera is a breeze!

What is an IP-camera?

An IP surveillance camera has its own IP address, which connects it to the home network. Depending on the version, the IP network camera is equipped with numerous additional functions. These include weatherproof IP cameras if they are to be mounted outdoors or cameras with night vision function. The images that transfer these models are high-resolution? often even in HD quality. 

Difference between a surveillance camera and an IP-camera?

A classic surveillance camera, also known as an analog camera, has no connection to the Internet or an encryption program. The video recordings are first converted to an analog format so that they can subsequently be played by another device. 

An IP network camera is much more advanced. Digital processing is much more efficient than analogue technology thanks to the standardized protocol (IP). IP surveillance cameras are now standard. 

How does an IP camera work?

The IP Video Camera is often used in conjunction with Smart Home. Often the cams even have a motion sensor so they only record when someone is actually moving in front of the camera. So if a person, a car or even an animal gets into the field of vision of the IP camera, it starts recording and transfers the footage to a cloud on the Internet. An app on your smartphone or tablet gives you access to the material. Depending on the camera, a warning e-mail or alarm will also be triggered.

Please note that there is a good IP surveillance camera for every need. The camera models themselves differ in terms of application (inside or outside), functionality and operation. Depending on the application, either fixed cameras, ie cameras with a fixed line of sight, or pivoting cameras (so-called PTZ cameras) come into question. 

In which areas does an IP camera make sense?

The IP Camera is the ideal solution for you if you are looking for a remote monitoring capability in real time. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can access your IP camera online from anywhere. 

Network cameras are therefore ideal to secure land, houses and / or apartments in your absence. Whether on vacation, to check whether everything is fine at home or to keep an eye on the entrance gate to your property at all times. If the camera is to deliver images at night without an external light source, the camera must also have an infrared function. For entrance areas or large areas, we recommend a swiveling IP camera. To get clear pictures, the camera should have at least 720 pixels. However, almost all models in the Blick-Store Onlineshop have HD quality, up to 5MP, so you do not have to worry about the image quality here. 

What are the advantages of network cameras?

Network cameras are clearly superior to conventional surveillance cameras.

Ø   are quickly installed

Ø   can also be controlled remotely and operated via the app

Ø   deliver significantly better pictures at night than conventional surveillance cameras

Ø   can be attached inconspicuously to the wall

Ø   are only accessible to authorized persons due to their encryption

Ø    have numerous functions for every purpose


In our network camera shop you are guaranteed to find the right model for your needs. If you are unsure what type of camera to use, contact us by phone at +49 2433 964 25 80

We look forward to receiving your inquiries!

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