Power supplies, charger, batteries or switches - in our range you will find a suitable range of power supply options for your cameras.  

Power supplies

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Each surveillance camera requires an individual power supply:

- 12 Volt power supply with external power: Almost all surveillance cameras generally work with an external voltage of 12 volt, in some exceptional cases with 24V AC or 5 volt DC via USB.

- POE: Power over Ethernet is a way to operate the video camera with just one cable that carries both the voltage and the data stream.

For this purpose, either a POE switch with gigabit (if several cameras must be supplied) or a so-called POE injector is necessary. This couples the supply voltage to the data stream and routes it to the camera via the network cable.

- Battery operation: A few surveillance cameras offer the possibility to provide the cctv camera with battery. The advantage is a camera independent of external voltage, no cable routing is needed for the voltage. With built-in Wi-Fi, this type of video camera would be completely independent. The disadvantage is the limited duration of the operation, the rechargeable batteries must be recharged. This can also be done by a connected solar panel.

Please choose the right power supply for your application. We are happy to assist and advise you on the right power supply.

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