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Reliable, high-quality, safe - The surveillance cameras and video technology of our Blick-Store online shop impress with their performance and variety of applications.

Whether you want to have a view of your property or your pets by means of camera surveillance, you are looking for a rear view camera for a camper or an underwater camera for your koi pond.

 In our shop we stock cameras for private and semi-professional users at a fair price. Our team of camera specialists will always be there to advise you with over 25 years of experience.


Keep an eye on your property with surveillance cameras from Blick-Store!

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3G / 4G camera AP-P1064 with APP-control

From video surveillance to home automation

Whether for your own safety and monitoring of land or for the observation of nature and wildlife: high-resolution cameras today provide an excellent overview of what happens day and night around us. The images and videos can be both recorded and transmitted in real time to a mobile device. But we also favor video technology that captures our hobbies and sports experiences as impressive moving images.


In our Blick-Store Onlineshop you get both: Cameras for hobby and leisure as well as extensive video technology for monitoring and documentation. Video surveillance for private purpose as well as commercial application such as monitoring of warehouses, parking lots, entrance areas or fences.

We offer video surveillance with wired cameras (LAN), wireless technology (WLAN) and also 3G LTE cameras with SIM card. Our team of camera specialists will provide you with professional advice with over 25 years of experience.

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Video surveillance with the right camera – what is important?

Before you select a camera type, there are some points to note in advance. Ask yourself at the beginning:

-          Should the camera be installed indoor or outdoor?

-          Would you like to be able to monitor without additional lighting (night vision)?

-          How should the camera be connected to a power source and internet connection?

-          What angle do you need to allow the camera to effectively cover the area to be monitored?


Of course, this is even easier with our virtual selection assistant. If you have found a suitable surveillance camera, you should finally see if you need additional accessories. Do not miss out on our new offers in the range or check out our sale area for one or the other special offer.

Blick-Store – Your surveillance technology shop

CCTV surveillance cameras in very good recording quality can be found in a large selection in our online shop. Are you still unsure which camera is right for monitoring or recording? Then take advantage of the professional advice provided by our Blick-Store team. It is very important to us that you find exactly the video technique that best suits your project, but also your needs. In addition to our virtual selection assistant, you can also reach us via the contact form.


Benefit from our many years of knowledge in the field of video surveillance and buy the right camera technology for your needs in our online shop.