Transmission of IP camera streams

Secure IP video transmission with Veracity products in networks or via coaxial cable!

- Increase the distance of your network connection up to 4,2km without data loss!

- Transmission of IP video signals over existing or newly laid coaxial cable

- POE Switch Custom-made for the operation of IP cameras in emergency vehicles, coaches, public transport or large solar plants
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When it comes to transmitting video data and IP camera signals, the primary issue is not the distance between the camera and the PC, as the standard network links can span up to 100 meters (up to 80 meters without data loss). Especially in private applications and at home you rarely come across this length.

The situation is different with company buildings, warehouses or property security. Here the lengths of the network cables can easily be 1,000 meters; a real challenge for secure data transmission.

Since every IT specialist knows which data transfer problems can arise and how time-consuming and expensive troubleshooting can be, it is even more important to carefully select the components for the LAN extension.

We have had very good experiences with Veracity products over the last 15 years:

- Reliable products that have not shown any failure or data loss even after more than 10 years of operation

- Comprehensive product lines that also offer special solutions, such as use in the most difficult outdoor conditions

- Easy installation and operation / configuration of components, self-explanatory products and clear instructions

Existing video surveillance systems were still equipped with a coaxial cable as a connection between the camera and the recorder until a few years ago. These systems are often equipped with new IP cameras step by step, but their data can not be sent via a coaxial cable without adaptation.

There are 2 solutions for this:

1. The replacement of all coax cables with a CAT-6 network cable, which entails a considerable amount of work and in some cases expensive construction measures (large office buildings, gas stations)

2. The use of so-called IP-coax converter, which converts the incoming IP signal of the surveillance camera, sends over the coaxial cable and at the end of the coaxial cable back to a pure IP signal.

Veracity also offers a wide range of converters that can transmit data packets up to 4,2 kilometer via coaxial cable (with POE power supply to the camera up to 1,400 meters)

We have a team of specialists who have been working and familiar with Veracity products for many years. If you have a question about the transmission of camera signals, please contact us, we will be happy to help you with the execution of your projects! Please call us at 02433/964 258 0.