cameras for animal friends

With our animal cameras you always have your horses, pets, pond inhabitants and animals in the wild in view!

Video surveillance for every application with the right cameras! The underwater world of the koi in the pond on your smartphone or the bustling activity of your gardeners very close to the home PC?

No problem with our surveillance cameras for animal and nature observation!The term video surveillance usually refers to the use of surveillance cameras or surveillance systems in the property security, whether shop, reception, warehouse, house or land.

Here you usually observe objects such as people or vehicles moving in the surveillance area.

But there are also many purposes that have nothing to do with the classic surveillance: The observation of animals and nature!

- Bird watching in the home garden

- Taking pictures with Kois underwater cameras in the pond

- Horses and sheep on pastures and in the stable with barn cameras

- Feeding stations and the observation and counting of forest dwellers with wild cameras

- Time lapse footage of the 4 seasons in the garden

- breeding grounds of rare birds

A long-term intake of animals that feel undisturbed most of the time gives a completely different impression and brings many surprises. The behavior of animals without humans, especially with video cameras equipped with a zoom lens, is an exciting experience.

For animal and nature lovers, the observation and recording with a surveillance camera means new experiences and insights that were hidden without the video camera.

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