Surveillance camera APP`s - Videos on Mobile Phone and Tablet

All live videos from surveillance cameras on your smartphone and tablet!

Here is a list of free of charge app's suitable for many surveillance cameras. Simply download from the Play Store for Android devices or Apple Store for iOS devices the right app and watch the live video from the surveillance cameras on your phone. The facility is done in a few minutes.

With these apps, the video streams of surveillance cameras can be displayed on the phone, without the tedious setting of routers. The P2P technology allows direct contact from all mobile networks to the camera. There are no router settings such as port forwarding or tunnel providers for converting IPV4 to IPV6 and vice versa. Similarly, the dynamic establishment of IP addresses. It uses cloud technology without having to book cloud storage.

For most of these apps, an e-mail address is given to which an access code or password is sent. Thereafter, the activation is done.

Camhi software



Camhi APP for WLAN cameras

Bedienungsanleitung der CamHi App für Android Systeme (bedingt iOS)

IMOU App Dahua

IMOU APP for Dahua cameras

Einrichtung einer Kamera mit der IIMOU APP

Cotpro App für Überwachungskameras

COTpro APP for CCTV cameras



Bedienungsanleitung der COTpro APP

xmeye app für Überwachungskameras

XMeye APP for underwater cameras and CCTV cameras

Bedienungsanleitung der XMeye APP

myxview App für Überwachungskameras

Myxview APP for underwater cameras and CCTV cameras 



Bedienungsanleitung der Myxview APP


Showmo App für Überwachungskameras





Showmo APP for CCTV cameras




Bedienungsanleitung der Showmo APP

Smart PSS kostenlose VMS Lösung von Dahua

Smart PPS free of charge VMS solution Dahua

Download Link Smart PSS Version 2.02.1 von CNET