Protect your animals with a barn camera - horses, sheep and grazing animals always in view!

With our barn security cameras, you can take a look at the barn at any time day or night from anywhere and check the situation. The video technology gives you security, even on the pasture.

First and foremost it is about the health of the animals. The monitoring of pregnant mares or diseased horses or sheep herds is possible with a barn camera around the clock, if you can not stay permanently in the stable. To ensure that the animals do not become nervous, no visible light is used, the barn cameras work with built-in infrared illuminators. For you, the horse box is brightly lit, but for the horses, only a red glow can be seen directly on the barn camera. Read more at the bottom of the page!  

Barn cameras

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With video technology you can protect horses, sheep, cattle and co from thieves.

Behind the barn camera is also a preventive aspect: it prevents thefts of animals and animal cruelty. Both are important reasons to equip boxes and stables with barn cameras. Not all thieves may be deterred, but visible video surveillance greatly reduces the likelihood of a crime.

Indirectly, the video transmission can also be used for advertising purposes: horse pensions advertise so that owners can look at any time via a stable camera as an Internet camera in the boxes and can check whether everything is alright with their animals.

With a barn camera, you can monitor your progress in the riding arena or on the field, protect your property against theft, track births, control entrances and exits to prevent unauthorized entry, or simply look after your sheep, cattle, horses, and other pets when on vacation are.

Surveillance cameras such as a barn camera can transmit the video signals in different ways:

1. Wired solution

     You have a network access via a router and use the LAN solution, ie the wired barn camera (Click here for the cable solutions)


2. WLAN solution

    You have network access via a router, but can not pull the network cable to the barn camera due to the construction. Here you use the WLAN of your router.
    If the WiFi router for the camera is too far away, please use a WLAN repeater.

3. LTE / 3G solution

    If neither a router for the cable solution nor a wireless router with Internet access exists, then the LTE 3G barn camera solution comes into question. It works with a SIM card.
    Inquire how strong the LTE reception is at the horse stable and buy a SIM card from the provider that provides a strong LTE signal (this one can
    just be checked with the mobile phone). The SIM card should have 1GB of data volume if you transmit about 5 minutes of video data per day of the camera. That's the average.
    Actually, to send an alarm message (Push message on the phone) or just to see if everything is OK. If you look more often, it increases
    the data volume. (5GB per month at 25 minutes daily) (Click here for the LTE 3G cameras)

Each barn camera is equipped with an SD card slot. SD cards up to 128GB can be accommodated and the video data can be recorded after alarm or time windows.
It is safer and more professional with a video recorder called NVR. Here you can connect and record several barn cameras. (Here's the NVR)

At almost all CCTV cameras we offer the P2P technology, so you can connect the cameras to your smartphone or tablet in minutes, and you
do not miss any activities! (P2P technology simply explained)

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