Underwater cameras for koi ponds, swimming pools and maritime Application

Find the right underwater camera for maritime applications, your koi pond or swimming pool here!

Our underwater cameras are designed for a permanent underwater use, with a solid housing made of stainless steel or aluminum, with an aging and hydrolysis-resistant, non-stretchable network cable.



You will find good assistance in choosing the right underwater camera in our comparison table.


In addition, the POE function allows you to lay just one cable, as the cameras are supplied with power via the network cable. Depending on the version, infrared night vision LEDs and white light LEDs are installed for illumination in the dark. You get the underwater cameras with a resolution of 2 or 5 megapixels

Watching Kois in your habitat and seeing the underwater world with a high quality underwater camera filming the Kois very close to the lens is an amazing experience!

So it is very fast, better than from the water surface, to recognize whether the animals are healthy or show abnormalities that would not notice the owners without an underwater camera immediately. But also the behavior of the koi among themselves is much more exciting, if it is experienced as close as with an underwater camera.

More important, however, is the ability to detect koi diseases early and to take emergency measures in a timely manner. For example, parasitic diseases can be detected much sooner by looking at the surface below the surface of the water and the proximity of the koi to the underwater camera. Even deficiency symptoms, fungal infections and bacterial infections can be treated early.


Important when installing the IP underwater camera is the mounting location. You should first look for a few different attachment locations before deciding on the final location. Backlighting such as underwater lighting or solar radiation play a role here. The view towards the headlights is not ideal, because the electronics of the underwater camera downshift the bright light cone and also dims the surroundings, so that the picture as a whole is too dark.

The sunlight creates fascinating light plays below the waterline, but can also lead to the above-mentioned dark image. So first try different positions, possibly leave a few days in one place and then choose another location.

The material of the underwater camera is either stainless steel or aluminum, thus protecting against rust. It could be helpful to free the glass from the lens from green cover or algae from time to time. But even more important is a good water care for your garden pond: Even if the Kois feel well in the murky water, you will not enjoy the live image or the shots, even though we made very nice shots of Koi directly in front of the underwater camera to have.

For the underwater camera, it is essential to set the focus for a certain distance in advance. We decided to fix the focus on about 2 meters, as we have taken the most interesting pictures in this area. A shorter distance will cause Kois to be blurry a little further away. Setting the focus range to more than 2 meters means that the shots when the Kois move in front of the cameras and show a lot of detail are out of focus.

Of course, the viewing angle also plays an important role: we have listed our underwater camera with the most desirable features, offering different angles and features. Here you determine which angle the underwater camera should cover: From 80 ° as standard angle over 150 ° as super wide angle for the observation of the entire pond up to the variable zoom lens from 2,8mm - 12mm (angle of view from 30 ° up to 95 °), which can be adjusted electrically via the settings.

The standard angle for the cheaper versions is about 80 °: So you get to see almost everything in a rectangular pool. Other pond shapes also require other angles. For this we offer an underwater camera with 150 °, which already shows almost a panoramic angle.

An additional variant of our underwater camera offers a variable lens that realizes an angle of view of 30 ° to 95 °. It should be noted that a wide-angle lens covers a large area, but the objects themselves are smaller. With a smaller angle, the objects become larger.

The live videos from our cameras provide remote access via a free app (XMeye) that can be downloaded via Apple Store and Playstore for smartphones and tablets. With this APP, you always have your koi in view, wherever they are in the world. This is ensured by the so-called P2P technology, which makes a complicated setting up of the router or activation of ports superfluous.

Of course, it will be interesting if you integrate the underwater camera into an existing system (Network Video Recorder NVR, NAS Recorder). The video data of the underwater camera is constantly recorded on the recorder and all data is archived. So you have the opportunity to view the videos of the last few days. Per camera is expected at about 4Mbit / second. This means that a 2TB hard disk stores the video data for 6 weeks (at a 24H recording per day).

All cameras work with POE: The video data as well as the power supply of the underwater camera are realized with only one network cable. This is a special, water-resistant, rotting-free, strain-relieved cable with a length of 5 meters. On request we also supply cameras with a longer network cable.

The standard underwater camera can be used up to a depth of 5 meters; The larger models allow depths of use of up to 30 meters.


Watch the underwater world with live videos on PC or on the go with your smartphone or tablet!

Underwater recording of pond camera AP-W2036