Installation tools for IP cameras

With these practical installation aids, IP cameras can be installed faster and more reliable! Find more infos!

Fast setting of focus and viewing angle on-site, via laptop or smartphone / tablet!

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The installation of IP surveillance cameras is now no longer a challenge even for beginners, as the IT technology is becoming more common in our everyday lives and the installation and configuration of router, laptop and PC in the home network requires this basic knowledge.

The actual installation of the camera in the outdoor area looks different. While the 1st person is mounting the camera to the mast or house wall, the 2nd person on the PC or laptop controls the settings such as the angle of view, the direction of vision and the focus.

Veracity recognized this problem very early and developed several products that make assembly easier and possible with just one person!

Installation aids such as Pinpoint, an adapter for connecting the camera signal directly to the laptop or point source, which uses a battery as an independent power supply of the IP camera and can be easily put on the ladder, make the camera installation not only simple and safe, but also efficient and cost-saving, since the facility is possible quickly and without a second person. Both installation tools are also available as a WLAN version, so that even the cable connection to the laptop is eliminated and also smartphones and tablets can be used for setting!