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Veracity is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for the transmission, implementation and storage of network data.

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Veracity is a global technology company founded in 2005 by a team of security industry professionals, privately funded and independent.


Veracity is headquartered in Prestwick, Scotland, with offices in Leeds and Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Sales offices in Dallas, Texas, USA, Dubai in the Middle East and New Delhi, India. Veracity has gained an extremely well-known reputation for innovation, quality and stability in these markets. Products for a reliable IP video transmission! 


Veracity IP solutions are divided into three main areas:

 - the transmission of video data via network or via coaxial cable

- The storage of video streams on external storage systems with extremely low power consumption

- The manufacture of installation aids for IP cameras for the specialized trade and for installers with a focus on video security.

Transmission of video data via network or coax cable

 Here, Veracity has unveiled a highly reliable and maintenance-free technology that we have been working with for 15 years and have not experienced a single failure so far.

The Highwire products are used everywhere, where the existing coaxial cable must be used for the transmission of IP camera signals, since the exchange with network cables is not possible (example gas station).

Another pillar of Veracity products are the network components. Network extensions with POU, only from Veracity. Power over Ethernet (POE) technology enables IP video and network installers to overcome the 100 meter limit for Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet connections and to extend distances of over 800 meters.

The OUTREACH family of Veracity's network extenders are simply connected to the installed cable to immediately extend the network reach to twice or even several times that limit.

There are 8 variants of OUTREACH Extender, OUTREACH Max, OUTREACH Lite, OUTREACH Max XT, OUTREACH Lite XT, OUTREACH Max G, OUTREACH Lite G, OUTREACH Max GXT, OUTREACH Lite GXT. For more information about choosing the right device for your needs, see the datasheets for each product.

CAMSWITCH Mobile extends this concept by providing additional switch ports that operate as a 4-input mobile POE switch or as a 8-input mobile POE switch. These products are very popular as a mobile version in the field of mobile applications, emergency vehicles, solar parks. IP cameras, wireless access points and other network devices can now be placed exactly where they are needed without having to install a new electrical cable.

Storage and archiving of IP video data

Veracity has developed a series of storage systems specifically designed for IP video surveillance. The monitoring memory systems are particularly designed for the storage of megapixel videos, which require long storage times.

Veracity's unique, sequential filing system (SFS ™), designed specifically for the COLDSTORE Surveillance Storage System, offers significant benefits. COLDSTORE, in combination with COLDSTORE's Linear Array of Idle Disks (LAID ™), provides extremely high disk reliability, high capacity, low total cost of ownership, and reduced hard drive costs, with energy savings of 90% over RAID. This logical approach is fundamentally different from the average storage systems available on the market.

Easy to use, user-friendly, easy to maintain with interchangeable, playable hard drives. Quick access to video evidence. Audit storage designed specifically for long retention requirements.

Installation tools for IP cameras

Pinpoint and Pointsource products are now the most popular tools to install and set IP cameras. These products have a significant potential for savings since the cameras can be installed and adjusted by only one person. With the setting aid and a mobile phone / tablet / laptop, you can quickly and precisely adjust the angle, direction of vision and sharpness. A very helpful extension of these products is the WLAN connection.

This considerably simplifies work on difficult assembly sites and on ladders.

Whether you need to route IP camera signals over coax, need adjustment aids for IP cameras or extend the range of network information, which is usually limited to 100 meters, to several kilometers, Veracity has the right solution!Here is an overview of all Veracity products!