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CCTV cameras healthcare

Whether as a baby monitor or to control single elderly - with our surveillance cameras, you always have a good feeling - for the safety of your beloved!

The Smarthome technology offers reliable surveillance cameras with many features such as noise detection, motion detection, 2-way communication and night vision LEDs. Learning is the type of video camera to protect your babies and those in need of care!

Baby monitor with camera

It is a reassuring feeling to have a look in the nursery at any time, if everything is alright.

Standard baby monitor cameras only provide access to the camera images: the baby monitor is located in the nursery and the monitor in the neighboring rooms. With our baby monitor cameras you have the possibility from your smartphone or tablet, even at any time to look in the room, no matter where you are.

Thanks to the P2P technology, setup and commissioning are completed in just a few minutes.

We offer models with pure video transmission, but also products that include audio communication. For example, a noise message may send a push message to your smartphone to alert you to unusual noises. There are also rotatable cameras and those with infrared lighting.

The IR LEDs emit a light that is invisible to humans, but perceived by the camera sensor as a day-bright scene.

You can find more products in our category Babyphone with camera.

Surveillance camereras for elderly people

The type of cameras are no different from the baby phones because they perform the same function.

If elderly people live alone at home, it is important for their relatives to know that there is a way to keep in contact with the elderly through video technology. This must go hand in hand with prior agreement as to whether a camera is used and where it is placed in order to preserve privacy. Sensitive positions such as bathrooms and bedrooms should be avoided.

It should also be possible to cover the camera lens or change the direction of the camera. It should also be discussed who may have access to the camera videos.

Further information and application possibilities can be found in the category babyphone for elderly people.

Smarthome for elderly people

Smarthome technology provides networked transmission of various information and electronic devices that help protect the resident. These include fire, gas and water detectors, intrusion detectors, video cameras, but also emergency call systems, which can be very helpful especially for single senior citizens, if immediate help is needed.

The person carries an emergency transmitter with him constantly and can trigger an alarm in an emergency, which sends a push message to certain people. These devices can be easily and quickly integrated into the domestic WLAN network.

Further information can be found in our Smarthome products category.

If you need assistance with the selection of baby monitors, senior cameras or smart home systems, we are very happy to assist you with our support team.

We are available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm at 02433/964 25 80, or you can send us a contact form. We will contact you immediately.

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4.87 / 5,00 (157 Bewertungen)